UNDEAD: The Possession

Primitive Fear Haunted House is co-located with The Asylum

They were lied to. They were experimented on. They were left for dead and locked in the quarantine zone. First created by greed for limitless strength and speed, Patient Alpha, the super soldier can fight the hordes of the dead on a battlefield. Patient Alpha, and its mutated horde of undead drones, now run the quarantined town. Stay together and keep moving, rumors are there may be a key to survival and a potential cure in The Abandoned Asylum. Survival is our only hope.

The city is under quarantine, the dead have come back to life and overrun the streets.  They are everywhere you turn and have begun mutating.  Travel through the city streets in and out of dilapidated buildings ravaged by the living dead, your only hope to survive your journey through their domain, is to mask your scent and act as one of them.  Experience Primitive Fear! Denver's new innovation in fear, will you survive the Zombie apocalypse?


The Asylum Haunted House and Primitive Fear Haunted House are located just west of Monaco on E. 39th Ave. at 6100 E. 39th Ave., Denver, CO 80207

Get Your Friends and GET SCARED!

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